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Review Round-up

By Kendall Gibson


pink flyodl-1 copy‘The Endless River’ - Pink Floyd

If I were on this ‘endless river,’ I would drown myself. This album, like a river, meanders pointlessly from one anti-climactic theme to the next. No melody goes anywhere; they all just drift off into nothing. What were they thinking? Maybe Pink Floyd can’t exist without Roger Waters because this sounds to me like a cheap-knockoff product and not the real thing.

Listen if you like: Dreary and endless soundscapes.

foofighters‘Sonic Highway’ - The Foo Fighters

While listening to this album, I finally realized why I am the only person who dislikes Dave Grohl. Here’s what it is: he’s too sane. He sounds super reasonable, which is not what you want a rocker to be. Rock singers are supposed to sound crazy like Ozzy Osbourne, Les Claypool, etc. The reason I can’t stand the Foo Fighters is that Dave Grohl sounds like a mailman. If not for that, their music would be pretty good.

Listen if you like: Bush, Collective Soul, Candlebox.

royksopp_paint_2-440x440 copy‘The Inevitable End’ - Royksopp

This album reminds me a lot of the movie “Drive.” If I find myself driving past palm trees at sunset, I could definitely see myself listening to it. I will not, however, listen to it at any other time because I am scared that it tried to hypnotize me. Each song definitely reminded me of that music that plays whenever a character’s mind is being possessed in a movie. Or the music that plays when an alien gives birth to a human-hybrid. Yeah, it’s a weird album. It tells me you should listen to it.

Listen to: Puppies, Eternal Love, The Rise of Communist Marxism.

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