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Review Round-up

By Kendall GibsonCOLUMNIST

AJ-Davila-album-608x608 copy‘Beibi’ - AJ Davila y Terror Amor

Burger Records artists are great and AJ Avila y Terror Amor are no exception. They beat out hilariously fun songs with fresh enthusiasm, and even though the lyrics are “en español,” the choruses are great and demand to be sung along to. This is the most rock-like hispanic music I have ever listened to. If you dig underground bands and sounds, check this album out. Then head down to a bodega and rock out with the locals, because that is what this album demands done.

Listen if you like: Mozes & the Firstborn, Kelley Stoltz, Os Mutantes.



4e0ac6fd'Storytone’ - Neil Young

I love Neil Young, but this album is too much. First of all, it is also way too sappy. We get it, Neil, the world has problems, but that doesn’t mean you get to be a drama queen. Secondly this album is way too flower-hippy. The only person I can see enjoying it is a person who fights vehemently for the ethical treatment of wheat. Thirdly, this album is just way too slow. It is like a pingpong match between the two oldest people you know: painful and exhausting, especially for those who watch.

Listen if you like: Elvis Costello, Cat Stevens, Grateful Dead.


cadillactica-cover‘Cadillactica’ - Big K.R.I.T

I reviewed this album specifically to comment on the title, it sounds like the home-planet of a race of intergalactic rappers, but it turned out to actually be pretty good. Big K.R.I.T. is a skilled rapper and his lyrics aren’t terrible. The artists he decided to do this album with do a good job of contributing, and while the overall sound is generic and nothing new, the songs are about growing up in the south and becoming a rapper, so it has something novel going for it.

Listen to: Deltron 3030, Madvillain, Z-Ro.






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