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Review Round-up

By Kendall GibsonCOLUMNIST

bush4_photo_gal__photo_1617849928‘Man On The Run’ - Bush

Bush clings too heavily to their jaded self-image, which is that they are Nirvana. But they don’t come close to Nirvana. Come up with something new! The 90s have been over for more than a decade; sorry to say but your grunge music doesn’t affect us as much as it once did.

Listen if you like: Nirvana, Filter, Puddle of Mudd.


cold home‘Hold My Home’ - Cold War Kids

Out of many stars I would give this album all of them. It is an album I can just sit and listen to. One thing this album does brilliantly is mix radio music with soundscapes, i.e. the songs are short but moments in them feel long. “Hotel Anywhere” is my favorite track, followed by “Hold My Home.”

Listen if you like: The National, The Strokes, The Vines.




kiesza‘Sound Of A Woman’ - Kiesza

Kiesza is like Madonna, but way better. I am crazy about this album. I like that it’s dance music, but doesn’t have a looming feeling of false-dance music. Like, other music has to spell out that it’s dance music, but this music just naturally is. Fill your iPod with music that, to you, sounds naturally like what it is.

Listen to: Goldfrapp, Lykke Li, The xx.

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