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Review Round-up

By Kendall GibsonCOLUMNIST


caribou‘Our Love’ – Caribou

Caribou layers his songs like you would plan out sex. First he starts slow, caressing you. He wants you hot and bothered. Then he – okay I’m going to stop that metaphor right there; it’s getting too real. This album is seriously like ear-sex, though. It sounds saucy and real, even if it’s mostly electronic. Caribou, call me.

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godflesh-a-world-lit-only-by-fire copy'A World Lit Only By Fire’ –  Godflesh

This album is weak. Listening to it I said to myself, “What? That’s it?” It is similar to if someone led you to believe they had a drug problem when they actually just smoke pot. Maybe I am just too much of an outsider when it comes to metal but I was expecting something much, much darker, especially from a band called “Godflesh.”

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a0638037370_10 copy‘Tension’ – Girl Tears

This album is psychedelic and cool, but there is a major problem. As I am known to do, I will explain via convoluted metaphor. Imagine you’ve been invited to an alien’s birthday party and you’re super excited to go. After all, you get to meet aliens. However, when you get there, all the aliens are super awkward and they make you play musical chairs. What I mean to say is, that while on the whole it is cool, certain elements of this album drag it down. For example, the lame and half-assed singing. If You Like: Breakbot, Dirty

If You Like: Breakbot, Dirty Beaches, Blouse

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