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Review Round-up

By Kendall GibsonSTAFF WRITER

prince-art-official-age copyArt Official Age - Prince

Don’t ask people why they dyed their hair or why they got a tattoo, etc. People change themselves to look cool, period. Prince is for me the embodiment of cool because he does things that nobody else would do, yet everything he does makes sense for Prince. This album is as funky as ever for the artist-formerly-known-as-Prince, I suggest you check it out.

Listen if you like: James Brown, Michael Jackson, David Bowie.

weezer-608x611Everything Will Be Alright in the End - Weezer

This album sets itself apart from every other Weezer album by being complete and utter trash. It is not the same music that they have played in the past. Perhaps I sat down with high expectations, but really any expectations are too high for this melodramatic mess. The insipid lyrics are perfect for someone who complains incessantly about their life yet does nothing at all to change it.

Listen if you like: My Chemical Romance, Panic At The Disco!, Fall Out Boy.

FlyingLotus640 copyYou’re Dead! - Flying Lotus

High intensity music is bad because even if you don’t like it it still draws you in. It’s like your neighbor’s car alarm going off, you want to ignore it but you can’t stop yourself from listening. That’s why I was particularly surprised by this album. It breaks the mold in electronic music by using high intensity beat as rhythm rather than as a device. That means the fast drum machine isn’t just there to shock you into liking it, it is actually there as art.

Listen if you like: Tory y Moi, Twin Shadow, Imogen Heap.

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