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Recital Review: Christine Flannery and Joe Brigandi Accomplished Flautist and shining Singer senior recitals

By Jessica Braveman Columnist


Christine Flannery

Music education major Christine Flannery performed in her senior recital for flute on Saturday, March 1, 2014 at 8 p.m. at The Helen Fortunoff Theater in Monroe Lecture Hall. Dressed in a beautiful black and deep-green pleated gown, Flannery performed a variety of flute-featured music, including works by composers such as Bach and Haydn. The most interesting piece performed was Density 21.5, a 20th Century work, by Edgard Varese. The solo piece uses the two contrasting elements of modal and atonal melodic ideas. Flannery sounded beautiful as she flowed between the pretty sounding modal sections and the harsh sounding atonal sections. Accompanied by pianist Elizabeth Rodgers and by Daniel Rivera on violin, Theresa Ruggles on viola and Kailyn Tropeano on the cello, Flannery showcased her talent and obvious knowledge of flute repertoire.

Joe Brigandi

On Friday, Feb. 28, 2014 at 8 p.m. at the Helene Fortunoff Theater in Monroe Lecture Hall, music merchandising major, Joe Brigandi, tenor, performed a senior recital to a nearly packed theater. Brigandi looked calm and collected throughout the entire performance. He presented himself as a professional in a sleek black suit with an elegant lavender tie. Pieces were performed in English, German, Italian and French. They spanned a variety of genres from opera to a duet from “The Secret Garden,” with baritone and fellow senior Alan Stentiford. One of the more memorable pieces performed was the love song, “Pararme d’amore mariu,” by Cesare Andrea Bixio. While the entire recital was wonderful, this piece in particular drew attention due to its softer sound and beautiful lyrics. At the end of the recital, Brigandi received a well-deserved standing ovation with the entire audience on their feet, whistling and cheering in delight.

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