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Public Safety Briefs 9-9-2014

Compiled by Ehlayna Napolitano On Sept. 5, a commuter student returned to his motorcycle on Colonial Square Drive to discover damage to the gas tank, clutch and license plate area. There were no witnesses and police assistance was declined.

During a health and safety inspection in Estabrook Hall, on Sept. 5, an RA discovered eight bottles of alcohol in the room of two underage students. PS responded and confiscated the bottles. The two residents were issued summonses. Upon arrival to a lockout in Alliance Hall on Sept. 5, PS discovered that the student that called was attempting to gain access to another student’s room. The student became disruptive after PS did not let her in. The student and resident of the room were issued summonses, for disruptive behavior and the actions of their guest, respectively.

On Sept. 6 at 3 a.m., a fire alarm was activated in Constitution Hall. The building was evacuated and PS and the Uniondale Fire Department responded. During the search of the building, PS discovered that a pull box in front of room 808 had been pulled for no apparent reason. A search conducted to locate the party responsible, proved negative.

An electrician at Hofstra responded to a fire alarm activation in Estabrook Hall on Sept. 6. After the situation was resolved, he returned to his Plant department vehicle and found that several tools had been stolen from the front seat. A search was conducted but the person responsible was not found. Police assistance was declined.

On Sept. 6, a student reported that their bicycle, which had been locked to the rack outside Bill of Rights Hall, was stolen. A search was conducted but the person responsible was not located. Police assistance was declined.

PS responded to a fire alarm in Nassau Hall on Sept. 6. The building was evacuated and during a search of the building, PS found a student and their guest had failed to evacuate. The student was issued a summons and the non-student was banned from campus.

A student in Nassau Hall reported on Sept. 6 that during the fire alarm evacuation, he had been doing his laundry. When the alarm went off, he left his wallet, containing $200, in the laundry room. Upon returning after the evacuation, he found the $200 missing from his wallet. Police assistance was declined.

A PSO on patrol in Williamsburg House on Sept. 7 heard shouts on the second floor, indicative of two males in a physical altercation. When the PSO knocked on the door, only one of the two males were located. Upon entering the room, the PSO smelled a strong odor of marijuana and when questioned, the student surrendered a hookah from under the bed. Two plastic bags filled with marijuana were also discovered under the bed. The student was escorted to the HIC and NCPD was called. After an investigation was conducted, the student was arrested.

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