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Public Safety Briefs, 9-30-2014

Compiled by Ehlayna Napolitano An RSR in Estabrook Hall reported on Sept. 18 that a student attempted to enter in order to visit a person who was not in the building. When the RSR told the student they could not enter, the student threatened the RSR. The student was issued a summons.

Staff members notified PS on Sept. 19 that an individual who had been previously banned from campus was in the Mack Sports Complex. PS responded and escorted the individual to the HIC. NCPD was notified, responded and arrested the individual for criminal trespassing.

On Sept. 19, a student reported that his car, which had been parked near Colonial Square, had scratches on the passenger side of the vehicle that he discovered upon returning to it. Police assistance was declined.

PS received an anonymous complaint on Sept. 19 that a marijuana smell was coming from a room in Enterprise Hall. PS responded, keyed into the room and found that it was empty. However, they confiscated a glass bong and discovered towels under the door. The resident received a summons.

A male student was observed on the roof of the physical education building on Sept. 19. When asked to come down, the student jumped into a tree and climbed down. The student had previously been observed climbing poles on campus. He was issued a summons.

On Sept. 20, a student reported that their motorcycle, parked near Colonial Square, had been damaged. The mirrors were reportedly broken and there was damage to the gas tank, the brakes and the horn. There were no witnesses and police assistance was declined.

A bus driver in front of Hofstra USA honked his horn at a BMW parked in front of him, causing a traffic backup on Sept. 20. The student became irate and verbally abused the bus driver. PS responded and the student was issued a summons.

An RSR reported that non-student was attempting to enter Bill of Rights Hall with a room key on Sept. 21. The RSR told the non-student that they could not enter and took the room key. The resident arrived and harassed the RSR for not letting their friend into the building. The student also wanted their key back. The student was issued a summons and the non-student was escorted to the HIC and banned from campus.

On Sept. 21, a student stated that upon returning to her vehicle, parked in the lot near the graduate hall, she discovered her rearview mirror on the passenger side had been vandalized. There were no witnesses and police assistance was declined.

A student and their non-student guest were attempting to gain access to Suffolk Hall by squeezing through the turnstile on Sept. 21. PS responded and escorted the guest out of the building. The student was issued a summons.

A PSO on patrol on Sept. 22 observed two men smoking a marijuana cigarette in the Netherlands South parking lot. The two were identified as students and both were issued summonses.

A fire alarm was activated in Vander Poel Hall on Sept. 22. During a search of the building, PS discovered filters, a silver grinder, marijuana residue and a hookah in the room where the activation was triggered. The items were confiscated and the resident of the room was issued a summons.

A student reported to PS on Sept. 22 that she had visited a friend in Leiden Hall. She left her MacBook at her friend’s residence overnight. When she came the next day to pick up her computer, her friend told her that the laptop was missing. A search was conducted but proved negative. Police assistance was declined.

An RA reported to PS that she smelled marijuana coming from a room in Vander Poel Hall on Sept. 24. PS arrived, knocked on the door and when the resident opened the door, there was a strong smell of marijuana. The male roommate was present at the time. No marijuana was recovered, but the students were issued summonses.

A staff member reported that when she returned to her office in Memorial Hall on Sept. 24, she discovered that her Mac computer was missing from a cabinet. A search was conducted but the computer was not located. An investigation will be conducted.

A student reported on Sept. 23 that they called Long Island Taxi for a pickup from the Netherlands to go to Massapequa. After two hours, the student was returned to Hofstra, because the driver had trouble finding her destination. The student was charged $68 and called PS requesting help. NCPD was called and responded. The officers informed the student that this was not a criminal matter and suggested filing a complaint with the Taxi and Limousine Commission.

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