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Public Safety Briefs 4-24-2014

Compiled by Ehlayna Napolitano
A student in Axinn reported that she walked away from her laptop on the sixth floor on April 17. When she returned minutes later, the laptop was missing. The laptop was not found. Police assistance was declined.
PS responded to a lockout in Bill of Rights Hall on April 18. The student requesting to be let in was not the resident of the room, but the resident’s girlfriend. He had given her a key to his room, which is in violation of school policy. The student was allowed to retrieve her belongings from the room and both students were issued summonses. The key was confiscated.
On April 19, PS received a report of two suspicious males in Monroe Hall. They were identified as non-students, apprehended and escorted to the HIC, where they were banned from campus. 
It was reported on April 19 that a woman was begging for money near the Graduate Hall. PS responded, apprehended the woman and escorted her to the HIC, where she was banned from campus. 
On April 20, a report of the odor of marijuana coming from a room in Vander Poel Hall was received by PS. They responded and keyed into the room, where there were three students and the odor of marijuana. No marijuana was recovered, and all of the students were issued summonses.
A fire alarm was activated in Alliance Hall on April 21. During a search of the building, eight students were discovered failing to evacuate. All of the students were issued summonses.
PS responded to an altercation in the Student Center parking lot on April 21. They met with two students who complained about each other, having fought about a parking space. The situation was calmed and both were issued summonses.
An RD outside of Hofstra USA reported observing a green laser coming from a room in Vander Poel Hall on April 22. An investigation concluded that the light was coming from room 1108, which PS then keyed into and found the room empty. The laser pointer was on the desk, and was confiscated. The residents will be issued summonses. 


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