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Public Safety Briefs, 2-27-2014

Compiled by Ehlayna Napolitano On Feb. 20, two students reported to PS that they left their laptops in room 216 Emily Lowe Hall at 3 p.m. while they went to class. At 5:20, when they returned, the computers were missing. A search did not yield results and police assistance was declined.

A faculty member reported on Feb. 20 that upon returning to his vehicle parked in the Hauser Hall lot at 5 p.m., he found the rear window shattered. Police assistance was declined.

A female student reported that she was having an argument with her boyfriend while ending their relationship on Feb. 20 in the Netherlands. The student reported that her boyfriend, a non-student, became very angry and verbally aggressive. PS responded and the non-student had to be restrained in handcuffs for his own safety. NCPD was called and a domestic violence complaint was taken. The non-student was transported to NUMC for evaluation and was banned from campus.

A fire alarm was activated in the Graduate Residence Hall on Feb. 21. During the search of the building, PS discovered two students who had failed to evacuate the building. Summonses were issued to the two students.

PS responded to Delft House, where three non-student males were in the lounge on Feb. 22. One was intoxicated and was transported to NUMC by Nassau County Ambulance. The males entered the building without giving proper ID, an investigation proved. They were guests of a female student that lived in the building. All three were banned from campus.

A PSO on patrol in the Netherlands South parking lot on Feb. 22 attempted to stop a vehicle driving recklessly and radioed for assistance. The vehicle was then stopped and the driver and occupant were both identified as nonstudents. The driver was intoxicated and the passenger, after attempting to flee the vehicle, was discovered to be in possession of a bag containing pills and white powder. NCPD was notified and responded. The driver failed a sobriety test and was arrested, and the passenger was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance. There were no injuries.

A noise complaint was reported in Stuyvesant on Feb. 22. PS entered the room and found two students and a nonstudent acting in a disorderly manner. They had to be placed in restraints. The non-student was banned from campus and the two students were issued summonses.

Four individuals were observed smoking marijuana in a car in the Liberty–Republic parking lot on Feb. 22. PS responded and identified the four as students. A pipe with drug residue was confiscated and summonses were issued to the four students.

PS received a report of the odor of smoke coming from a room in Constitution Hall on Feb. 22. With the RA, PSOs keyed into the room and found the resident smoking from a hookah. The hookah was removed from the room and the student was issued a summons.

PS responded to Breukelen House on the report of the smell of marijuana coming from one of the rooms on Feb. 22. When they keyed in, PS discovered towels stuffed under the door and found the room unoccupied. No marijuana was recovered. A summons will be issued to each of the three residents.

A male was sleeping in the 13th floor lounge of Estabrook Hall on Feb. 23. A PSO woke the person, who was identified as a nonstudent, escorted to the HIC and banned from campus.

A PSO on patrol in the Netherlands core observed a male and female attempting to piggyback through one of the turnstiles on Feb. 23. The PSO stopped them and identified them as a non-student and a student. The non-student was banned from campus and the student was issued a summons.

A visitor reported on Feb. 23 that their car, parked at 3:30 p.m. in the Weed Hall parking lot, was dented in the driver’s side door upon returning to the vehicle at 7:15 p.m. A report was filed by the Hempstead Police Department, who responded.

A male student reported to PS on Feb. 24 that since the beginning of the month, he has been harassed by another student that has also been spreading false rumors about him. The student was issued a summons.

On Feb. 25, PS received a report that the smell of marijuana was coming from a room on the sixth floor of Vander Poel Hall. PS responded and entered the room, which was occupied by the resident. No marijuana was recovered and a summons was issued to the student.

During a fire alarm evacuation in Breukelen House on Feb. 26, PSOs found bags of marijuana in a room on the second floor, as well as scales, two knives and several grinders. NCPD was notified and took possession of the objects. Summonses will be issued to each of the four residents.

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