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Public Safety Briefs, 12-2-2014

Compiled by Ehlayna Napolitano

On Nov. 15, PS received a report that the odor of marijuana was emanating from a room on the second floor of Nassau Hall. PS responded and when the student opened the door, there was a water bong in plain view. The bong was confiscated and a summons was issued to the student.

A student stated on Nov. 17 that they parked their car on Nov. 15 in the HofUSA lot. When they returned the student noticed a dent in the left bumper. Police assistance was declined.

A PSO on patrol on Nov. 18 observed a car driving the wrong way on Colonial Drive. The PSO attempted to stop the vehicle, which subsequently sped away toward HofUSA. The vehicle then stopped on Liberty Boulevard. The driver was identified as a student, who was then issued a summons.

An RA in Breukelen House reported seeing an intoxicated male student urinating in the hallway on Nov. 19. PS responded and the student was issued a summons.

PS received a report from the Plant Department that a car had struck a tree outside Enterprise Hall on Nov. 19. The student was located in their room in Enterprise Hall and was issued a summons.

A student came to the HIC and stated that while in the Fitness Center on Nov. 19, he left cash and his iPad in a locked locker. After he returned, the $20 and iPad were gone. Police assistance was declined.

An RA in Tilberg House reported on Nov. 20 that they were awakened by loud music and the talk of drug use. After investigating, the RA found a pipe in open view. PS responded and confiscated the pipe and the resident was issued a summons.

On Nov. 20, a student in Alliance Hall returned to their vehicle, which was parked in the lot near the Student Center, and discovered that their rear tire had three puncture marks on it and was flat. Police assistance was declined. An investigation will be conducted.

A student stated that they fell asleep in the lounge of Rotterdam House on Nov. 20. When the student awoke several hours later, their phone and charger were missing. Police assistance was declined and there were no witnesses.

PS received a report of two students drinking alcohol in the lounge of HofUSA. PS responded and the students were issued summonses.

An RA on rounds in Breuklyn House on Nov. 21 reported that she smelled marijuana coming from a room. PS responded and found four students inside. There was no marijuana recovered. Summonses were issued to all the students.

On Nov. 22, a PSO observed a student carrying a non-student guest, who was clearly intoxicated, through the turnstile on Oak Street. The PSO radioed for the supervisor, who responded and attempted to gather information about the guest. The host then attempted to interfere with the supervisor and refused to be identified. The guest was transported by Nassau County Ambulance to NUMC and the student was issued a summons.

A sports facility staff member reported to PS on Nov. 22 that three individuals were trespassing in the soccer stadium. They were identified as nonstudents. They were taken to the HIC where they were banned from campus.

On Nov. 23, an RSR in Nassau-Suffolk reported to PS that they observed two students piggybacking through the turnstile. The students were issued summonses.

A Plant Department staff member doing renovations in Monroe Theater discovered two seats missing on Nov. 24. PS responded and a search of the building was conducted, which proved negative. Police assistance was declined. An investigation will be conducted.

A student reported to PS on Nov. 24 that she has been being harassed and having things stolen by her roommate. The student requested a room change and was directed to Residential Life.

A student stated that while playing ping-pong in the lounge of Gronigen House on Nov. 26, he took off his Rolex watch, worth $8,000, and left it on the table. He left to go to his room and when he returned several hours later, he discovered the watch was missing. An investigation will be conducted. Police assistance was declined.

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