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Public Safety Briefs, 10-7-2014

Compiled by Ehlayna Napolitano

A PSO on patrol observed three individuals smoking in a car on Colonial Square Drive on Sept. 27. They were identified as students and a non-student was found urinating next to the car. No marijuana was recovered and the students were given summonses. The nonstudent was taken to the HIC and banned from campus.

On Sept. 28, an RSR reported that a student entered Suffolk Hall with a guest who refused to give an ID. The two piggybacked through the turnstile. PS responded and the student received a summons.

Loud music was coming from a room in Stuyvesant Hall, it was reported on Sept. 28. PS responded and knocked on the door, to which there was no response. PS then keyed into the room. There were six people in the room, as well as several cans of Four Loko. The alcohol was confiscated. Of the six in the room, there were four students in the room who were escorted out, one non-student who was banned from campus and the resident, who received a summons.

A fire alarm was activated in Constitution Hall on Sept. 29. During a search of the building a student was found, having failed to evacuate. The student was issued a summons.

An RA reported to PS on Sept. 29 that the smell of marijuana was coming from a room in Breuklyn House. PS responded, entered the room and found the resident, as well as the smell of marijuana. The resident was issued a summons. There was no marijuana recovered.

On Sept. 29, a student reported that when they returned to their 2013 Audi, parked near Breslin, they discovered a long scratch down the driver’s side fender. There were no witnesses and police assistance was declined.

PS received a call about two males on North campus who were soliciting for the Make a Wish Foundation on Sept. 30. They were escorted to the HIC and NCPD was notified and responded. During the investigation, the two were identified as non-students who were not affiliated with the Make a Wish Foundation. They were banned from and escorted off the campus.

A PSO on patrol on Oct. 1 observed three students smoking in a vehicle by Nassau Hall. The students admitted to smoking marijuana but there was no marijuana recovered. The students were issued summonses.

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