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Public Safety Briefs, 10-28-2014

Compiled by Ehlayna Napolitano

A fire alarm was activated in Constitution Hall as a result of a broken steam water pipe on Oct. 17. This resulted in some flooding in the building and caused some damage. The Uniondale Fire Department and the Plant Department responded to the building, which was evacuated. The Plant Department turned off the water and the damage was also repaired.

During a fire alarm activation in Bill of Rights Hall on Oct. 18, a male was discovered sleeping in the 8th floor lounge. The male was identified to be a non-student who had not been properly signed in by the resident he was visiting. The non-student was escorted to the HIC where he was banned from campus. The student was issued a summons.

An RSR in Constitution Hall reported on Oct. 19 that a student and a guest refused to identify themselves when entering the building. PS responded and the student was issued a summons.

On Oct. 19, an RSR in Nassau-Suffolk reported that a guest piggybacked through the turnstile with a student. PS responded and the student was issued a summons.

A student stated on Oct. 20 that they parked their bike by the rack outside of the Physical Education building between Oct. 15 and Oct. 16. When the student returned, on Oct. 16, the bike was missing. Police assistance was declined.

A manager at Dutch Treats reported to PS on Oct. 20 that an unidentified male tried to leave the store with a basket filled with soap products, without paying for them. While exiting, a staff member grabbed the basket and the male fled. A search was conducted but the male was not found. There were no injuries. An investigation will be conducted.

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