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Public Safety Briefs 5-1-2014

On April 23, a PSO on patrol found laundry detergent spilled in the hallway of Stuyvesant Hall. The detergent was also smeared on doors in the hallway. The person responsible was not found during a search and the custodial staff was notified for cleanup.
A female student reported that her car was dented in the rear parking lot of Breslin Hall on April 23. Police assistance was declined.
A female student reported on April 23 that she was being harassed by her ex-boyfriend, also a student, on the Internet and through other means. She requested a stay-away order and a summons was issued to the male student.
On April 24, a female student reported that four males outside Enterprise Hall approached her and aggressively engaged her in conversation. She texted her RA, asking for PS to be called. The males left before PS arrived and a search did not identify the men.
A male student was cooking in the graduate hall on April 24, when he heard a loud cracking noise. He discovered that the outside window had been broken and reported this to PS. A search proved negative and the plant department was notified.
A physical altercation between a female and male student occurred on the night shuttle on April 25. The female kicked and hit the male student repeatedly, until the two were separated by other passengers. The driver notified PS, but the male student got off the bus before they arrived. The female student was issued a summons.
A female student’s Range Rover was egged in the Netherlands South parking lot on April 25. An investigation is ongoing.
Three students failed to evacuate during a fire alarm activation in Breslin Hall on April 25. Summonses were issued to all the students.
A former student and a current student were apprehended in Hofstra Hall on April 26, after the two were discovered attempting to remove trophies. The student was issued a summons and the alumnus was banned from campus.
A PSO on patrol discovered several flower pots and trash cans overturned, as well as six benches damaged, on April 26. A search proved negative and the Plant department was notified.
A female student left her cell phone in Axinn Library overnight on April 26. It could not be located the next morning.  A search did not turn up the phone.
A campus sorority reported on April 27 reported receiving fake Facebook messages of a threatening nature. An investigation is ongoing.
A male student was found in possession of alcohol, a bag of baggies, a scale and a jar on April 28 after another student reported smelling marijuana coming from a room in Rensselear House. The student was issued a summons.
On April 29, a student reported that his wallet was taken from his vehicle at an off-campus location. Police assistance was declined and the student was issued a new ID card.
A student reported that their car had been keyed in the East Circle lot by the Student Center on April 29. Police assistance was declined.


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