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Overheard at Hofstra

Compiled by the Hofstra Chronicle staff In Suffolk: Girl: I can’t believe we are going to be old one day. That’s literally the saddest thing I’ve ever thought of.

In Breslin Hall: Guy: He saw a spider in class, stood up without saying a word, and starting freaking out.

In Nassau: Girl: Cats can’t say “Yaaas.”

In Student Center: Guy 1: I have two tests tomorrow. Love it when that happens. Guy 2: Yeah, that sounds like the best.

In Breslin Hall: Professor: Has anyone seen Breaking Bad? Okay well, one person in this class has a life.

In Netherlands: Guy: If I complimented you all the time, would you have sex with me? Girl: Honestly..yeah. Guy: Cool.

In C.V. Starr: Professor: It’s Monday night football and the Patriots are playing, so we’ll be out of here real quick.

In Au Bon Pain: Guy 1: I wish my pencil would grow led everytime it’s unsharpened. Guy 2: Why don’t you just get a mechanical pencil?

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