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Overheard at Hofstra

Compiled by the Hofstra Chronicle Staff In Student Center:

Girl: Let's make a pregnancy pact!

In Brower Hall:

Girl 1: Why is he wearing leather gloves?

Girl 2: Well, I think it's kind of sexy.

In Suffolk:

Guy 1: If I was a Power Ranger, I'd literally be the blue one.

Guy 2: Why?

Guy 1: Because no one likes the Blue.

In Bill of Rights:

Girl: Her hair is so big. She also wears Jordan's. Does she think she's cool?

In Breslin:

Girl 1: She told me to get things out of the safe. Don't make me get up and grab things for you.

Girl 2: She made you get up and get stuff? What is she the queen?

Girl 1: Yeah, get it yourself!

Outside of Enterprise:

Girl: Honestly, I was looking up Halloween costumes instead of working.

In Bits and Bytes:

Guy: I secretly like to take Buzzfeed quizzes. It really makes me understand myself better.

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