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Overheard at Hofstra

Compiled by the Hofstra Chronicle staff In Herbert: Girl 1: I literally feel like we were just in this class. Girl 2: Yeah, like two days ago.

Outside Enterprise: Girl 1: It’s cog-nog. Girl 2: That’s Cognac, honey.

In Student Center: Girl: I am a police reporter, through and through.

In Student Center: Girl: There’s a tragedy going on. Guy: What happened? Girl: Candy fell on the floor.

In Cafe On The Quad: Girl: This weather’s so bipolar. First there was a blizzard, and then it was sunny.

In Roosevelt: Guy: It snowed more today than it did on the day we got a snow day.

In Au Bon Pain: Girl: Have you ever had a conga bar? Guy: I’ve done the conga, I’ve never eaten a conga.

In Student Center: Girl 1: There’s a Modern Family quiz on BuzzFeed. I got Claire! Girl 2: I got Phil. Girl 1: Oh my god, we’re married! Girl 2: Hey, it’s legal in New York.

Outside Breslin: Guy: It’s so cold, it looks like I’m constantly smoking a cigarette, but I’m really just breathing.

In Colonial Square: Girl: I’m so glad we live near the gym. I’d hate to get a workout before my workout.

In Au Bon Pain: Girl: I hooked up with this boy at the bar, but it was only because he was British.

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