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Music collaborations hit a high note

By Nandee Mignon


After months of speculation, rumors and teasers two considerably big collaborations were released this month and boy did they surprise us all.

Former B2K member and Maybach Music Group (MMG) artist, Omarion, has been out of the main media spotlight for a portion of 2014. After landing a place in the VH1 reality series, “Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood,” Omarion has been building momentum, and fast. Omarion was signed to MMG back in 2012 and has his first album under the new label, “Sex Playlist,” is set to come out some time in late December or early January. Earlier this month, Omarion, Chris Brown and Jhene Aiko released snippets of one of the first singles off of the “Sex Playlist” album. The collaboration is called “Post to Be.”

Omarion sings in an up-tempo style over the DJ Mustard production, Brown harmonizes a lot during his verse and Aiko reveals her sexual and comedic sides singing playfully, “He gotta eat the booty like groceries.”

The three artists give a very fun and catchy sound to the already dance inducing beat. The song was premiered on Power 105.1 FM and received over a million views on YouTube over a couple of hours. The song, however, leaves fans puzzled with the possible direction of the album.

The album title gave off the impression that majority of the songs will be filled with “heavy sexual content,” according to various music blogs. When speaking in several interviews, Omarion also hinted at the album being filled with mostly slow tempo music. This fast tempo single is the complete opposite of that. Nevertheless, it is still a song that is finding its way into headphones across the country.

Now slowing things down, singers Cody Simpson and Justin Bieber have been talking about doing a duet album together since September. However, ever since the announcement, both stars have been missing from the music scene, until now.

Both the Australian and Canadian pop singers have built an army of dedicated fans, loyal listeners and an audience of all-around sceptics and spectators.

On Nov. 11, Bieber and Simpson released their first single off of their album entitled “Home to Mama.” This song shows a different side of the artists with barely any added music, nothing but their vocals and the jamming of the guitar.

The laid-back feel is a different side of Bieber after looking back at his most recent R&B and sex driven album “Journals.” As for Simpson, it is an opportunity for the song writer to really show off his talents.

The song speaks about falling in love with the simplest of girls, the kind of girl that you can bring home to your mother. The loving lyrics will sweep listeners off of their feet.

Sadly, we do not hear too much of the boy’s voices harmonizing together, but that is something that listeners have to look forward to, since we are all sure of the exceptional music they are going to make together.

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