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Makeup madness: Add a little sparkle to your Halloween costume

By Isabela Jacobsen Features Editor

Now that you’ve planned your last-minute costume, makeup is the next step to complete your Halloween look. Pairing a simple costume with outrageous makeup can help bring your creativity up a notch. So now your overenthusiastic friends, who have been planning their Halloween costume since summer, won’t complain about how boring your cat costume is. Here are three generic costumes that you can spice up using makeup.

Vamp up those eyes. Twilight is so 2008, but vampires are always in style. This costume is super easy to come up with. As long as you have fangs you’re good to go, so adding some fun makeup will increase the intensity. Skip the bronzer, but not the contouring. You want the pale look, but you still want to look cute, so add a pale pink or peach blush to give your cheeks just a tad of color. Mac has some good choices. Use a dark bronzer just to enhance those cheekbones. Brush on some dark bronzer to the hollow of your cheeks to create structured cheekbones. You want to look like you’ve been feasting on those humans for days. No pizza for vampires.

The corpse bride is one of my favorite generic costumes because you don’t need much for it. You put on a white dress, hold some ugly flowers, look heartbroken and you are all set. For makeup, make sure to coat on a lot of mascara. You don’t need to be too neat with it, because after all, this bride’s been through hell and back. Use a dark eye shadow for the corner of your eyes and blend it in the crease as well. This will make your eyes look bigger, and give that “puppy dog” eyes illusion that no groom will be able to resist.

Dressing up as a witch might be the most generic costume in history. Unless you’re going the Harry Potter route, you really need to make this costume a little more exciting. This is the perfect time to add some glitter to your makeup! A magical touch is exactly what your witch costume needs. You can find cheap eye glitter online at BH Cosmetics. There are several fun colors to try, but if you also want some dark lipstick, I suggest going for a silver glittery eye look, and purple lips. Purple lipstick is the definition of fall, plus it’ll give you a dark, sinister look. Don’t forget false eyelashes. It’ll keep your witch costume girly!

Halloween is on a Friday this year, which means your friends will probably drag you out Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Don’t panic. Play up your makeup to keep your costumes interesting for this crazy, fun weekend. Once you see everyone else’s amazing costumes, you’ll be glad you added a little something special to your makeup.

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