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Magical makeup for those you love the most

By Isabela Jacobsen

Assistant features editor

Valentines Day combines my two favorite things: the color pink and chocolate! It’s the holiday of love and I’m sure Hofstra University is full of adorable couples planning their special day together. I know because I see you holding hands, taking a nice promenade, while I’m running to get to class on time!

But, seriously, I love Valentines Day-- especially because it’s a perfect time to play with makeup. Here are some makeup ideas for that date you and your significant other are planning.

Let’s talk lips! Obviously, kisses are involved on those Valentine dates, so make sure to keep some chapstick with you. If you don’t want to carry around a lipstick and chapstick all day, try Burts’s Bees lip balm. They have plenty of colorful options!  Their tinted lip balm in the color rose keeps your lips moisturized, yet pretty. Very kissable for your Valentines date!

Chances are your Valentine’s lover will be staring into your gorgeous eyes, so take your time with the eyeliner. For blue eyes, try some very faint blue eyeliner on your top eyelid, with a neutral eye shadow. This will keep your makeup simple but draw attention to how naturally vibrant your eyes are. Coat on a lot of mascara to open up those eyes, and make them look flirty!

Also, for all you single students, don’t you dare hate on Valentines Day! Go out with your friends and apply some bold colors. Purple or red luscious lips just might capture that certain someone’s attention. You might impress your crush without even realizing it.

Have fun all you crazy lovebirds! Your date will be super impressed with these quick makeup tips. Don’t forget the chocolate…you can never go wrong with chocolate, if you ask me!




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