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Letter to the editor:

To the Editor, Seniors, the time has finally come. As some of us finish up our last midterms, it seems like it’s only a matter of time before May rolls around and graduation is upon us.

This is a time to remember: remember all the good times we had at this school; remember how we pushed through the difficult times; remember how we forged valuable bonds that will last us a lifetime; and remember how we had the courage to break some of those bonds that weren’t what we thought they were.

As we reflect on the past four years, it is important to note all the help we’ve received along the way. Whether a professor taught us all we know about our major; or an advisor helped us procure that internship we were so nervous about even applying for; or maybe a friend convinced us to try something that we ended up falling in love with, it’s easy to see that we wouldn’t be the people we are today without the community that has impacted our lives.

The Hofstra community has brought together so many elements and people to create one of the most incredible times of our lives. Through the clubs and organizations that we joined and the people skills we were more or less forced to learn, Hofstra has provided us with invaluable experiences during our time here. As we prepare to take that next step in our life journeys and leave the comfort of campus behind us, it is time to give back to this extraordinary institution.

As seniors, it is our duty to support our school and strengthen the reputation behind our degrees. The Senior Class Challenge is asking that all seniors give back to the Hofstra community by donating $20.14. Like the classes before us, we are challenging ourselves to raise more money than the previous graduating class, and to gift these funds to the school that has done so much for us already.

By participating in the Senior Class Challenge, you will be providing Hofstra students with financial aid, funding student activities, supporting faculty, and improving the overall life at Hofstra. We have all reaped the benefits of this fundraiser in years past, and now it is our turn to carry on the tradition.

You might now be thinking that you don’t even know what you’ll be doing after graduation. Well then to this we say, what’s $20.14 to a school that has provided you with invaluable life lessons? It seems like a small trade off to us, but if that’s not enough of an incentive, with your donation you’ll be receiving a limited edition Class of 2014 t-shirt that you can’t get anywhere else, an invitation to the annual Donor Appreciation Reception, and recognition in the President’s Annual Report.

So we encourage you all to reach into your pockets, or ask your parents to reach into theirs, and give back to a community that has done so much for you throughout your time here.

We thank you in advance, and hope you enjoy your last few weeks of classes.

Justin Smith & Rachel Tom-Quinn

Co-Chairs, 2014 Senior Class Challenge Committee

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