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To the Editor: The Lackmann team is very proud and honored to provide dedicated service to the University, and we consider ourselves an integral part of the Hofstra community. Please know we take food safety very seriously, and are committed to providing a safe and pleasant dining experience for all of our community members. We will be fully evaluating the issues raised in last week’s Chronicle article, and commit to make all improvements necessary to our food safety procedures to address the community concerns. Below, we address some of the protocols and resources on these key topics.

Health Code Violations/Food Safety

Lackmann has strict protocols in place to ensure all associates, vendors, and suppliers operate in accordance with established food safety guidelines and codes. Our food safety program procedures include safe food handling, food temperature, food protection, cleaning and sanitation, inspection and enforcement, hand washing, independent audits, and more to ensure a safe dining atmosphere.

Our dining program is in compliance with applicable federal government food safety and sanitation codes and regulations, as well as all state and local health codes. The Nassau County Board of Health conducts inspections of our dining units each semester. In the event that we receive any violations, they are addressed and rectified immediately. In addition, operations undergo rigorous third-party external audits to ensure the highest industry quality assurance standards are met that include food and safety inspections of all campus dining facilities.

Our company training program is integral to maintaining food safety within in our dining halls. A new Director of Operations has been hired to ensure that our team is properly trained and that policies are being strictly enforced. Our associates will also undergo a rigorous five-week training course that will establish the principles of guest service and food safety among our team.

Pricing on Campus

We have been working on a plan to reduce prices at dining locations across campus and expect to make an announcement about this soon. In the meantime, we have implemented value-added offerings, such as discounted combo meals. We strive for better value-oriented options for our students and welcome all suggestions from community members.


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