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Iggy Azalea: ‘Reclassified’

By Nicholas Hautman


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Following the massive success of her summer hit “Fancy,” Iggy Azalea is repackaging her debut album, “The New Classic.” The re-release, titled “Reclassified,” contains a selection of eight tracks from the original release as well as five brand new songs. Azalea debuted the album’s first single, “Beg For It,” on Saturday Night Live in late October. The song is nearly a carbon copy of “Fancy,” particularly in the chorus, sung by Charli XCX soundalike MØ. Despite the similarities between the two singles, Azalea raps in the first verse about how “groundbreaking” she is.

New collaborations with Jennifer Hudson, “Trouble,” and Ellie Goulding, “Heavy Crown,” also fall short in the memorability factor. The Australian rapper’s verses are strong but not up to par with her earlier material, like “Black Widow” and “Work,” which are both present on “Reclassified.”

Azalea’s self-confidence comes up again when she declares that it’s “Iggy SZN (season).” She boasted, “If I told you what I’m worth, you would throw up. So have my money on time before I show up.” The song, while playfully obnoxious at times, is easily one of the standout tracks on an otherwise mediocre release. Not so fancy this time, Iggy.

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