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How to make the best of your Valentine’s Day, whether you’re single, taken or simply confused

By Lauren Wolfe

Staff Writer

Like it or not, Valentine’s Day comes around every February. For some people, it is ‘single’ awareness day, and for others it’s always the same: you get some chocolate from the ‘significant’ other, or possibly a piece of jewelry. But for other individuals this Valentine’s Day is about taking the next step and figuring out what you want out of the relationship, if there’s a relationship at all. Here are some tips and advice to make your Valentine’s Day a good day, no matter what status you may hold.

So you’re single…

You are single on this Valentine’s Day. It may be the first Valentine’s Day in four years that you won’t have to share the day with that significant other. This can go both ways. You might enjoy not having to care so much about the holiday, or maybe it’s a touchy subject, possibly because you just went through a break up.Image

Sadly, there is no way of avoiding this topic. “Valentine’s Day” will be talked about and people, whether they are your colleagues or random strangers that you meet in the elevator, will ask you what you’re doing or if there is, indeed, a “significant” other in your mind for the day.

If on this holiday you’re single and hating it, then do something fun for yourself, or share the day with your friends. Don’t avoid the conversation with the stranger in the elevator. You can just simply smile and explain how “today is a good day to spend with your best friends,” or “today is a great day to go shopping and spoil yourself.”

Being single on Valentine’s Day is not the end of the world. It is simply another day when you should appreciate the people around you. You don’t have to dread not being with someone, because one person should never define you. You should be able to live freely and define yourself. So, you’re single on Valentine’s Day and you’re going to survive this. The holiday should be a day that you spend loving the good people around you, remembering how blessed you are to have them.

If you’re taken…

You may have been in this relationship for six months, four years or a decade. However long you may have been in this relationship, you know that this “Valentine’s Day” topic will pop up in a conversation, if it hasn’t already.

First of all, if Valentine’s Day has become a routine for you every year, then change things up. If you always buy your significant other a generic card, then this year make a card. It’s cute and it’s personal. If your time is well spent on a cute, handmade, personal card, then your significant other will appreciate it more.

Also, if this is the first Valentine’s Day that you are celebrating in this relationship, then don’t have high expectations for whatever gift or flower you are going to receive. If you are already putting expectations or prices on the day, then odds are that you are going to be disappointed. Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be about the money. It should be a special, thoughtful day spent around the people you love.

So if you are in a relationship for this Valentine’s Day, make it a fun one and remember that the day should be a positive and uplifting experience. Money shouldn’t define any flower or jewelry given.

For the simply confused…

This Valentine’s Day, you might not be in a relationship, but that does not meant that there isn’t someone on your mind that you care about. Your relationship status may be unclear and rather confusing, but there are ways to figure out what really is going on.

First, make the other person a Valentine’s Day card. Don’t be mushy in it, just wish them a “Happy Valentine’s Day” with a heart and your name. This is a friendly gesture and you’re not completely ‘friend-zoning’ the girl or guy.

If you haven’t heard from them after this little card, then simply contact them and ask them how they liked the Valentine’s Day card. This shows that you are putting forth effort and that you care for the person in a different way.

If the person doesn’t show interest, then don’t give it another thought. If the person does show interest, then be honest and tell the person how you feel. It’s good to be up front and honest on how you really feel about the person, and this also shows that you are setting things straight.

So if you’re simply confused on this Valentine’s Day, don’t worry about it. If there is someone that you’re interested in, then this is the perfect time to be straightforward and make the first move. If the person isn’t interested, then that person isn’t right for you and there is someone better out there for you.

You may be single, taken, or simply confused on this Valentine’s Day, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a good holiday. This Valentine’s Day, celebrate the day with the ones whom you care about the most, and whether you’re with someone or not, make sure you stay positive and happy. Never dread a holiday — make the day a great one.

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