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Golf teams end fall season on a high note


Pride women’s golf went head-to-head with a local rival to complete their fall season, and for the first time this year, came out on top.

On Monday, Hofstra women’s golf had their fall finale against St. Francis Brooklyn at Muttontown Country Club in East Norwich, New York. Hofstra had an overall score of 324 to best St. Francis by nearly thirty strokes.

The one-day event featured a par of 71, and Hofstra’s roster ended up coming much closer to the task than the entire St. Francis roster. The battle for the individual victory ended up being between Hofstra teammates Victoria Snak and Jacquie Faldetta, with Snak coming out on top by one stroke.

Snak hit a 76 on the day to finish five above par, while Faldetta had a 77 for a plus six, course result. The Pride also captured third place with an 84 from Andrea Neilson (thirteen above par).

The remainder of  Hofstra’s roster placed fifth to ninth, from Shannon Haselton’s +16 effort, to Jai Ghuman’s 103-stroke performance.

The Pride were able to go out on a high note following an otherwise uneventful fall season with less than stellar performances. In each of their other events, Hofstra placed in the bottom half of invitationals including as many as 17 teams.

Hofstra averaged a 10th place finish in all of their other four events before Sunday’s victory.

Men’s golf also ended their fall season positively with a victory at the Jasper Shootout in Huntington, New York last Monday. David Won took home the individual win, while the Pride as a whole won by 11 strokes.

Won hit a 69 for the day, three strokes better than Manhattan College’s Mike Schutsky. In third place was Hofstra’s Shawn Cavanaugh, who has steadily improved as the season has progressed.

Brandon Shin placed fifth with a 75 on the day, while David Mecca and Jonathan Farber placed ninth and tenth, respectively.

The Shootout was one of Hofstra’s most consistent performances of the season, with all players placing in the top 10 in an event with 23 total golfers.

Both golf teams are now out of action until the weather warms up in the spring. Their next event is scheduled for March of 2015.

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