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Fall Fest weekend remains an annual favorite


On Friday, Sept. 19, Hofstra will kick off its 5th annual Fall Festival. The first Fall Festival took place in 2010, in honor of Hofstra’s 75th anniversary and has been widely successful ever since, according to Branka Kristic, the director of Parent and Family Programs. This Friday, Hofstra will start this year’s celebration.

Fall festival is a celebration that brings students, staff, alumni and parents together for a weekend of games, rides and performances.    

One event being held is the Parade of Floats, where various clubs and organizations around campus will show off the floats that they designed and built themselves. In addition, each group will perform a skit that pertains to their theme. This year’s theme is Disney princes and princesses. The floats will start moving at 1:00 p.m. in the Hofstra USA parking lot on Saturday, the 20th.

“We plan to have a lot of fun creating something out of nothing over the course of a week,” said one of the Fall Festival Captains, Evan Sick, of the Parade of Floats. “Our float theme this year is Aladdin, which is awesome because a lot of students can remember seeing that when they were a lot younger.”

Along with the parade, John C. Adams Playhouse will host the King and Queen Showcase where Hofstra’s seniors will show off their talents to win the title of King or Queen on Friday the 19th. Once the performers are finished, the audience will vote for the winners.

Perhaps one of the most anticipated events is Hofstra’s Vibe Live Concert and Carnival. This will immediately follow the Parade of Floats. The intramural fields will house food, games and rides. These rides include Gravitron, Tornado, the Zipper and the Giant Swing.

In addition, Hofstra will host artists Janelle Monae, Matt and Kim, TLC and ‘80s cover band Rubix Kube. They will be performing for the Vibe Live Concert portion of Fall Fest.

The remainder of Saturday night will be made up of a firework spectacular and the annual Out Loud Comedy Show that will be performed by award-winning comedian, Kathy Griffin.

The weekend will not only be comprised of games and activities with the students and staff because it is also Family Weekend for relatives to come and visit. Families are welcome to explore the numerous events being held specifically for them, which include brunch in C.V. Starr Hall, tickets to see the Hofstra’s women’s soccer game against Yale University and even mock classes.

“Hofstra faculty members are offering eight classes this year,” said Kristic. “Just look at the range of titles – they can learn about ecology and evolution, engineering as well as about effective communication.”

“I’m so excited to be a part of my first Fall Festival,” says freshman broadcast journalism major, Megan McGuire. “It’s pretty neat how the whole campus can come together and enjoy a special time also with family. I can’t wait to see the artists and take part in my first float parade.”

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