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Dorm Room Dish: Avocado snacks that fit your healthy diet

By Janet Lee Assistant Features Editor

Avocado, a fruit masquerading as a vegetable, is the perfect ingredient to add to any kind of meal. It goes with any dish, while making it look oh-so-appetizing. Avocados contain nutrients like Vitamin E, folic acid, potassium and fiber, all things that can only help your diet. This light, creamy, green mush may come across a little odd because of the texture, but it is a great ingredient to have in your kitchen. There are many different ways you can enjoy avocado. For example, you can put avocado in your salads, sandwiches and even on your toast to spice up your regular meal. Here are two delicious ways to can enjoy avocado.

The most famous avocado recipe is guacamole. It is a perfect appetizer or snack to have on any kind of day. Here is what you will need: - tomatoes - red onions - jalapenos - cilantro - lime juice - salt

First, dice the tomatoes and red onions into similar sized slices. Then, chop the jalapenos into small slices. Cut the avocado in half, pop the seed out and put all the prepped ingredients in a bowl. Then smash it all together. Add some lime juice for additional flavor. Finally, add the most important ingredients: cilantro and salt. These two ingredients will make the biggest difference to the guacamole and add an extra kick to your dip.

After a productive workout at the gym you get hungry. Now, what should you eat to satisfy your hunger? The perfect snack is an avocado. It is so simple and easy that you don’t need any other ingredients besides some salt and pepper. First, cut the avocado in half and take the seed out of the core. Then, sprinkle some salt and pepper on top of the avocado halves. Finally, grab a spoon and enjoy your delicious after work- out snack.

Now, before you stock up on every avocado in sight, make sure that they are ripe and fresh. You can tell whether the avocado is ripe when it is fairly soft when squeezed.

Bon appetit!

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