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Dorm Room Decor: DIY jewelry organizer to fit your personal style

By Rachel Trotta Staff Writer

Picture this: you’re running around your dorm because you overslept. You threw together a quick outfit, did only the essential makeup steps and packed your bag. You think you’re ready to go when you realize you can’t find your favorite pair of studs anywhere. Earrings are a great way to complete any outfit and I have a quick and easy craft that will make finding the pair you’re looking for the simplest part of your day.

What you will need: A hot glue gun, a picture frame, hanging strips and lace. First, remove the glass from the picture frame so it’s just the wooden or metal frame. Then, cut your lace to the width of the frame. Be sure to portion out the space between each piece by considering the length of your earrings so they don’t overlap. Once you have your pieces placed how you want them, glue them to the back of the frame. Using a hot glue gun can get pretty messy, but don’t worry--no one will be able to see this side. I suggest leaving the lace a bit loose, as this will make it easier for you to remove the earrings.

Next, put the earrings on your lace. I place mine smallest to largest so all of my studs are on the top and hoops are on the bottom. This is not only more visually appealing, but makes it easier to decide what type of earrings you’re looking for and gets you out the door as fast as possible.

Mount your hanging strips where you would like to hang your earrings. I put mine on the side of my desk hutch. Once you have done this, you’re ready to hang your frame and accessorize.

The great thing about this craft is how customizable it is. Choose your lace and frame color to match your dorm room. Also, when you are packing up your dorm at the end of the year just wrap the frame tightly in paper and you’re earrings will stay in place through any car, train, or plane travel. You’ll be out the door in no time with this cute craft!

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