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DIY spooky snacks for Halloween night

By Amanda Valentovic Staff Writer

Costumes, decorations and candy are among the most important parts of having a successful Halloween. But snacks are great too, so here are a few Halloween themed munchies that are easy to make, whether you are making them for friends or just want to enjoy some fun holiday themed food.

1. Fill a rubber glove with water and stick it in the freezer for a few hours. When it’s frozen, cut the glove off and put it in a bowl filled with red fruit punch, to make it look like a hand floating in a pool of blood. To make it extra creepy, put gummy worms in the punch and let them float around!

2. Buy breadstick dough (Pillsbury makes some) and mix it to cook as normal. But before putting it in the oven, twist the ends of the sticks to look like bones. They will keep their shape after cooking, and party guests will think twice before eating something that resembles their own body parts.

3. Cupcakes can be decorated to reflect any occasion, and Halloween is no exception. Using black decorating gel, frost cupcakes with lines to look like spider webs. Gummy spiders can be placed on top to complete the cupcake. Another option is plastic spider rings.

4. Craft stores usually have inexpensive Jell-O molds, so use orange flavored mix to make Jell-O pumpkin shapes. Other fun Halloween symbols that can be found in mold forms include bats, witch hats and eyeballs.

5. For dessert, use ice cream cones and wafer cookies to make witch hats. Place the cone on top of the cookie with frosting, and cut Airhead candies into thin strips to make a tie or belt on the hat. It might not be scary, but it tastes good!

There are a lot more ways to make Halloween themed snacks, so get creative. All of these ideas are inexpensive and not very time consuming, so you can spend more time enjoying them than you did making them!

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