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Create a glam look all on your own

By Isabela Jacobsen Assistant Features Editor

On any Tuesday or Thursday I may not be a film major anymore, but I live for awards shows. I love movies, fashion and makeup, so the Oscars are a pretty big deal in my book. I haven’t seen all the movies this IMG_1148 year, but I did see all the pretty makeup! If you’re ever stuck on creativity while doing your makeup, looking at these celebrities may give you inspiration. Here are some ways you can replicate some of your favorite looks of the night. I thought we would be seeing edgier looks, but instead the stars went for a softer appearance. Lupita Nyong’o was by far the most stunning of the night. She dressed like she knew she was going to win! We all know she has been dominating this awards season with her charming personality. So, it was no surprise that she looked like a total Disney princess on the red carpet — that light blue dress transformed her into Cinderella for the night. Her makeup was very simple, compared to her romantic dress. For the spring, try a similar tone of blue outfit with very simple eye shadow. Pair it up with a pink lip gloss, and you will look just as graceful as Lupita. Jennifer Lawrence is always the public’s favorite. We are all obsessed with her and it has become quite a trend. After all the buzz at the 2011 Oscars over her beautiful red dress, Jennifer decided to go for red again this year. The Dior gown was incredibly sophisticated, almost enough to make us forget the fact that she tripped over a cone on the red carpet this year. To replicate her makeup, try applying a neutral eye shadow with dark eyeliner on your top lid. Pick a nude lipstick with a hint of gold, and you have officially achieved Jennifer’s look. If you’re feeling daring, you can imitate Jennifer’s drastic haircut and sleek it back for a touch of glam. Kerry Washington was another star that stood out to me. She looked pretty scandalous with those dark lips. Her lipstick looked prefect with the dark purplish grey dress she was wearing. To replicate this look, you need to find a dark lipstick, almost wine-colored, and define the cheekbones. Use bronzer to contour underneath your cheekbones and bring them out, like hers. Wave your hair using a waving barrel, and pin the sides of your hair for a girly touch to this bold makeup look. If you’re interested in purchasing a hair waver, I recommend NUME products. That’s where I got mine, and I love it. Next time you’re going out and you want to feel a little more glamorous, try using these ideas to spice up your look. Just because you’re not an award-winning star doesn’t mean you can’t look like one. Go outside and make Hofstra your own red carpet.

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