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Braided bun: A fun twist on your usual messy bun

By Isabela Jacobsen Features Editor

After countless hours spent on Pinterest, trying to learn the popular “messy bun” hairstyle, I have finally found a hairstyle that is even quicker and easier than the messy bun. Plus, you don’t need unrealistically perfect hair like those Pinterest models to achieve the look.

The braided bun looks great with any type of hair and it will stay in place all day. It is my number one hairstyle for those busy Monday mornings. So, if you’re still stuck in summer mode, and you are having a difficult time getting up in the morning, follow these simple steps to achieve the braided bun hairstyle. First, start saving up those bobby pins you keep lying around, because you’re going to need them all. The only way to achieve that high bun is making sure it’s super secure to last all day. You only need one hair tie for this look, a brush, and of course some hairspray so everything stays in place and looks super chic.

Start by brushing your hair to smooth out all those hair bumps for a sleek look, and make a high ponytail with the help of your brush. Make sure the ponytail is aligned with your jawline. This is a great way to make sure your ponytail is high up, yet not too high up that it looks ridiculous. Secure it with a thin hair tie, matching your hair color. I suggest using the hair spray right after making the ponytail, but only on the top of your hair. You don’t want the tousled look for this particular hairstyle, so make sure everything is in place.

Once your ponytail is perfected, it’s time for the braid. If you have layered hair make sure you make a very tight braid, so those pieces don’t stick out from the braid. If you can’t get all those little hairs to stay in place, don’t panic. Just keep braiding your hair until you can’t anymore.

After the braid is complete, don’t secure it with anything. Keep it in one hand; wrap it around, creating a bun. Once you get the bun you want, start bobby pinning. I suggest using as much as you can. Wiggle your head around a little bit to make sure everything is secure. Once it is, start pulling on the braid loops to loosen the bun up, creating a fluffy, natural looking bun. If any loose hairs start popping out again, pin it, or start hair spraying.

Although this bun is incredibly simple, it will look like your took your time to create a complex looking bun. I always get compliments on this hairstyle, and it looks even better with second day hair, so if you didn’t wash your hair yet and it’s looking a little greasy, this hairstyle will definitely cover it up. Enjoy sleeping a little bit longer tomorrow!



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