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Black Friday Madness: Shop till you drop without the stress

By Jenna Grasso Staff Writer

Black Friday is the craziest shopping day of the year for the most part. Trying to get a jumpstart on the holiday shopping brings a multitude of people to the shopping malls and stores, together fighting endlessly over different items.

In order to get all of your holiday shopping finished and survive Black Friday, you must have a plan of attack when walking in to the malls or shopping centers on Friday.

The biggest tip for Black Friday shopping is to plan, plan, plan. This will make you the most efficient that you have to be. In the end, the goal is to get in and get out as fast as possible, and with the least amount of arguments over items as possible.

A few different tips may make the stress of Black Friday shopping even better and more efficient for anyone looking to do a quick in-and-out of the stores.

The first tip is to always know what items you are going for and where they are in the store. For most people, the biggest problem is trying to make it to the aisle where that specific item may be. If you go to the store beforehand and know where the item will be located, you won’t waste half of your time trying to find the item when everyone is in a craze to get the same exact item.

The next thing you want to do is plan out what time each store opens in relation to the most important items on your list. This will help you plan out where you are going for each item and put the most important items on your list first. This will help you get to those stores first and, even though you may have to wait in line for the store to open, you will be almost guaranteed to get that item in the long run.

An efficient plan of attack is to conquer the Black Friday run with a group of people. Everyone should have a list in one general area of the store. Then, break up and each person gets the specific items and meet back at the cash register. This cuts down your time within the store and also gives a greater chance of getting everything that you want.

Make sure that you are aware of the amount of each present you are getting. If one is more money than previously thought, this could make finding money for other presents difficult. The more efficiently your day is planned, the easier it will be to get the most items for the least amount of money, and the easier it will be to have a fast and easy Black Friday shopping day!

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