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Coupon Corner: Survival of the smartest

By Amanda Valentovic Staff Writer

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and along with all of the food and family comes another annual tradition – Black Friday. For those who want to get a jump start on their holiday shopping, the day after Thanksgiving is the best time to find deals and discounts just about anywhere. But Black Friday can get a little crazy, so plan ahead. Here are a few places to start bargain hunting:

1. Target: There always seems to be a sale at Target, but this year there will be a lot of tech gear marked down on Black Friday. The price of Beats headphones will drop from the normal $169.99 to $97. Movies and music will also be cheaper, down to $7-9 from their normal $13-24.99. Also, all men’s and women’s clothing will be 40 percent off.

2. Kohl’s: If you have travel plans for the upcoming holiday season, luggage at Kohl’s will be between 60 and 75 percent off. Suitcases will be down to $95.99 and $59.99 from their usual $199-249.99, and duffel bags will see an 80 percent discount as they go from $100 to just $19.99. And if those sheets in your dorm room are getting a little old and worn out, Kohl’s can supply you with new ones for between $20 and $50, down from their regular price of $40-160.

3. There’s always something you need at CVS, so use Black Friday to buy all of the toiletries that you have been meaning to get but never actually did. Deodorant and hand soaps will all be $1-2, and cleaning supplies like paper towels and dish soap will be $2-5. Makeup will also be on sale, and most lipsticks and nail polishes will be between $2 and $7.

To find bargains that fit exactly what you are looking for on Nov. 28, try going to, where a lot of stores have posted ads. Users can just browse the site, or have email alerts sent to them about specific sales. There is also an app available from the site for both Apple and Android to help users find the bargains fast.

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