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'American Horror Story' recap


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“American Horror Story” is used to tricking its audience with twists, turns, misunderstood villains, evil protagonists and plenty of scares all to keep us on the edge of our seats.

Last week in a Halloween interview with “Entertainment Weekly,” creator and executive producer Ryan Murphy gave us a treat by revealing that all the seasons of what was originally thought to be an anthology miniseries, are in fact connected.

This past summer, AHS fans were delighted to learn that “Asylum” character Pepper would be back this season for “Freak Show.”

While we haven’t reached the storyline of how Pepper went from performing in a Florida freak show with her brother Salt to being locked away in a Massachusetts asylum, the recent announcement that another “Asylum” character, Sister Mary Eunice, will also be returning is a clear sign of what’s to come for Pepper.

In season two, Pepper and Sister Mary’s relationship is very tense, to put it lightly. Pepper’s behavior would change from bizarre and childlike, to serious and matured.

In a scene from “Asylum” episode “The Coat Hanger,” Pepper refers to herself as a “freak” while describing the circumstances around the crime that brought her there. Only Murphy knows if the use of the word was strategically planted as the first clue in a series of connections between seasons in the AHS universe, or if connecting all the seasons was discovered to be doable after the fact.

Since these announcements, many fan theories have been circling the Internet. Some connections include Madison Montgomery from “Coven,” set in 2013, and Charles and Nora Montgomery from “Murder House,” who live in the house in the 20s.

A possible ancestry is a way to connect characters across seasons. Other similarities include all seasons having a connection to Massachusetts, while select other seasons have connections to Germany.

All seasons present ghosts of deceased characters in a similar fashion while some seasons mirror crimes committed by characters in others. Without question, the best television comes from shows where fans can form theories and engage in a shared social experience.

Whatever Murphy is still planning or already has up his sleeve is bound to make “American Horror Story” fans even more obsessed with the franchise than they already are.

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