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Album review: Chris Webby

By Medea Giordano


Photo courtesy of All Hip Hop.

Chris Webby paid homage to Hofstra in a 2009 remix of Asher Roth’s “I Love College” for “The White Noise” LP.

By doing so he made a name for himself on the University’s campus that is still talked about today.

Webby continued to release free mixtapes that appealed to college kids for the next few years, but his recent music ventures have secured his name in the rap game. In June of this year the Connecticut rapper released “The Checkup” mixtape as an appetizer for his full length album, “Chemically Imbalanced,” and if his rapping abilities needed clarification, the mixtape did just that. 

The album, released Oct. 27, met the same standard and took Chris Webby’s songs up a notch from being classified as just frat party anthems. Though this album does not fall short when it comes to feel good party songs.

Webby collaborates with a few other artists on this album and even gave his father some air time on the album’s ninth song, “R.A.D,” where his father is featured playing a guitar solo.

In “I Need a Dollar,” a 2010 song with fellow white rapper Mac Miller, Webby uttered, “I’ve given you nothing but free music, when I do release an album you can buy, please do it.” Well, now is the time. “Chemically Imbalanced” is available now on iTunes and the Google Play store for $9.99 and Webby will be touring to promote the album through at least November.

Photo courtesy of SoundCloud.

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