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Winter must-have beauty products

By Isabela Jacobsen Assistant features editor

There is only a few weeks left until the semester ends, but before we start rejoicing, we have to survive the windy weather and freezing temperature outside. Your skin can start feeling very dry at this time of year and you might need a little inspiration for makeup, so I have a few products that every beauty lover should own at this time in the year.

First off is lip balm – I always have it in my backpack or purse. This wintery weather will be responsible for chapped lips and while you study for finals, you should be remembering to stay hydrated with water. To stay on top of dry lips, keep your favorite lip balm nearby. I love my ChapStick, but I also love the EOS lip balm. This product has become a crowd favorite. It comes in several fun colors and smells nice. My favorite is the pink. Best of all, it’s incredibly cheap and you can find it at pretty much any drugstore. If you want some color along with moisturizing your lips, you can check out Clinique’s “Chubby Stick.” This is great for someone who wants a lipstick and lip balm all in one.

Next up is Cetaphil lotion. I use this every single day, especially in the winter. If you are dealing with dry skin, I recommend this lotion. It’s gentle on the skin and doesn’t cause breakouts. Use it after you shower because that is when your pores will be open and absorb the lotion best. I also use this under my makeup, so my foundation doesn’t dry out my skin even more.

Finally, pick out some new winter colors for makeup. I suggest pale colors, like a pale pink or blue. These are great colors to get into the frosty weather. Go for light eyes, like an icy white shade or metallic colors. Metallic colors are perfect for winter. For blush, go for rosy cheeks. Apply the color only to the apples of the cheek and if you want to add a little bronzer, I recommend “Snow Bunny” by Too Faced. This way you can maintain some color and give a pretty glow to your skin.

It’s going to be a chilly couple of weeks, but just remember you’ll be home for the holidays soon enough, sipping hot chocolate by the fireplace. Until then, try to survive the next couple of weeks with some of these makeup and skin tips!

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