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Tips on how to protect your hair

By Isabela Jacobsen Staff Writer

Feeling like your hair doesn’t seem the best lately? Although it can feel hopeless sometimes, there are ways to help your hair out. Don’t forget that our hair reacts to the change in the season, and this change might mean that it’s time to start switching old hair products for new ones – yay, an excuse to go shopping! But what about if you’re broke? In that case, there are still things you can do to help your hair without spending any money.-3 Don’t brush your hair when it’s wet – comb it. Although this is a common tip, I am guilty of not doing it myself, because brushes seem to detangle the hair a lot quicker. But actually, brushing is really bad for your hair. You can get split ends, and brushes are just not very gentle on your hair. Switch shampoos and conditioner. If you have been using the same thing for a long time, then sometimes your hair needs a break from the usual products because it doesn’t seem to react the same way. That’s what happens to my hair! Sometimes when the season changes, my hair reacts in a different way and the products I’m using need to be switched. Deep condition your hair once a week. This will give your hair some revival! There are so many good deep conditioners for really cheap. Amazon’s website is your best friend, don’t forget. You can get several different deep conditioners from them on sale! If you have color-treated hair, then make sure to spray some heat protective spray on your hair before using any heat tools. It’s good to do this with any hair, but for blonde color-treated hair, the heat will not only damage hair, it will also make the pretty blonde highlights fade into that yucky brassy tone. Having color-treated hair is a whole different story, but it’s always good to make sure you are using the right products for your hair. You should find out what is going on with your hair, and then find a product to match the problem.

Use this hair care to avoid future hair scare! And if you want any more hair care tips, you can always check out my YouTube channel: honeyeyes494.

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