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The secret life of Ronny O’Leary

By: Maggie Waala Staff Writer

As Hofstra senior Ronny O’Leary inches towards last couple of days at Hofstra, he divulges his passion for law and what lead him to his current major and future career. O’Leary hopes to one day practice law, inspired by his interest in polotics and the laws upholding the Constitution.

In high school O’Leary excelled in his AP courses but was drawn towards the subjects of history and government. He is a member of Students for Liberty here on campus, a club that promotes individual freedoms and takes part in debates with the Democratic and Republican clubs. O’Leary stressed the club’s desire to promote freedom as an all-inclusive, permissive philosophy that excludes no one.

Besides being involved with Students for Liberty, O’Leary also writes for The Hofstra Chronicle’s editorial section, is in a number of Honors societies and manages WRHU’s Jazz Café. He has also finished his LSATs. O’Leary is not only a highly involved member of the Hofstra community, but an inspiring one at that.

The 21-year-old has been blind since birth, although he does have the ability to see light and shadows. When praised for his lack of dependency on a guide or an aide he stated pragmatically, “Well, I’m going have to learn to get around on my own anyway, aren’t I?” O’Leary also excels at playing the piano. He has been playing for 12 years; he is able to play by ear because he has perfect pitch.

O’Leary insists that his desire to learn and succeed has always existed, but mainly stemmed from two prominent figures in his life: his mother and his grandfather. His mother, said O’Leary, “never, ever, let my visual impairment get in the way of what I could do.” While his family – mother, father, and two younger siblings – have supported O’Leary’s dream, it is clear that it is his own positive attitude that has brought him to the place he is now.

O’Leary has plans to hopefully intern this summer, whether it be at a law firm or another position that utilizes his passion for American law. Although the aspiring lawyer has his mind set on a certain career path, he maintains that staying involved with the piano is important to him, and could someday serve as another source of income and joy.

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