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Sunday's big game

By: Brian StieglitzStaff Writer

There are many who would consider Super Bowl Sunday a holiday, and why not make it one? There is so much to do and celebrate on this football themed holiday, but even if you are not the biggest football fan there is still a lot to look forward to. So while you anticipate getting together with friends and seeing your favorite teams compete in one huge event, get involved in Hofstra’s own Super Bowl Celebration!

Where to Watch: There are many sites to watch the game around Hofstra, be it your dorm room, your building’s lounge, Hofstra U.S.A. or the Student Center you are bound to enjoy a grand celebration with fellow Hofstra Students cheering on their favorite teams and just having a great time. For a great celebration be sure to check out OSLA’s Souper Bowl at Hofstra U.S.A. for an amazing viewing party. There will be a traditional Super Bowl feast of chili, wings, and, of course, soup. The viewing party starts at six p.m. and includes giveaways, games, and a great celebration for all Hofstra students!

What to Bring: The Super Bowl has commonly been known not only as a bigger day for sports, but the snacks you eat while watching them. For your Super Bowl feast you could never go wrong with nachos and cheese and an assortment of chips and snacks available at Dutch Treats. In addition to this Hofstra U.S.A. will get in the holiday spirit with their Hero Package. This accepts dining plans and is available in either American Hero or Italian Feast measuring either three or six feet serving nine or eighteen people. To place an order please stop by the Catering Office, Room 128 in the Student Center, Orders must be placed by Friday, February 1st to be picked up Super Bowl Sunday.

What to Look Forward To: This years Super Bowl is against the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore  Ravens with a half time performance by Beyonce Knowles. Get excited for a great game and the enthusiastic hype around campus and be ready for a great time no matter where you watch it, what you bring, or who you’re with! Everybody can enjoy this Sunday, whether or not you are a big football fan. There is, of course, the half time show featuring Beyonce and if you are still not excited there are always the release of new commercials. Nevertheless, get pumped for a great Super Bowl Sunday because Hofstra is ready for a great game!

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