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Success far beyond Hofstra's walls

By Maggie WaalaSpecial to the Chronicle Although freshman MariaCamila Hernandez is relatively new to the Hofstra community, she is no stranger to the stress and dedication that stems from her chosen major, and career path. Hernandez, 18, is studying TV, Video and Business here at the university and has not hesitated to jump right in to some on-campus activities. She is part of HOLA, a senator for SGA and a member of WRHU where she hosts the Tu Musica program. These activities are only a few of the many accomplishments of Hernandez, with performances ranging from a Nike and Adidas fashion show for the U.S. open to appearing in Justin Bieber’s movie, Never Say Never. Although impressive, Hernandez remains impossibly modest especially considering such success at what is still such a young age. The aspiring actress has known since early on that this is something she was more than willing to dedicate herself to. She knew it was her responsibility to make this dream a reality so she took on a job in high school in order to afford acting classes and was eventually signed by Innovative Artists. Although her family was almost all supportive of her dream, her father was hesitant, stating that “Acting was not a real job,” until he saw her seriousness and rising success. Hernandez didn’t just stop at acting, though. She was able to be diverse enough to make appearances on the radio in Coca Cola ads as well as doing voice over work for the character Dora on the popular children’s show Dora the Explorer. The young star believes this success is possible for others as well, and on the weekends, amidst her busy schedule, teaches acting classes for young Latinos between the ages of 5-17 and also stage manages several Broadway shows and does choreography for them as well. As if she doesn’t have an impressive enough resume to begin with, she doesn’t want to just stop at performing. Someday Hernandez hopes to get her name out more, doing less commercial acting and moving towards more professional film and television acting. In the more distant future, she has plans of opening her own TV production studio with the intent on becoming an entertainment lawyer. This, she says, is mainly why she chose to attend Hofstra University. Hofstra is the only school that she found with her specific major, because acting is only one of her many aspirations and talents. She says that the university has helped her by getting her name out with WRHU and obtaining several interviews with other radio stations because of it. To other aspiring actors and actresses, or anyone that wants to be involved in the industry, Hernandez advises: “If you want to pursue acting, you honestly have to love it. You can’t take no for an answer. You may have to learn how to deal with disappointment, because you will go to a lot of auditions and you will not book, at all, even if you feel like you did an amazing job. You need a lot of patience, but it will be worth it.”

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