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Stuff your stockings with these makeup gems

By Isabela JacobsenAssistant features editor

If you know of a beauty lover who would love makeup as a gift, then I’ve got lots of ideas for you. Gift giving doesn’t have to be stressful because I’m here to help you pick out some great makeup products that your loved one would really enjoy. The best part is that these products are pretty inexpensive and are great quality.

1.Is your loved one a fan of "The Hunger Games" and makeup? Well, Covergirl combines those two together with their new "Hunger Games" makeup collection. I highly recommend looking at the products online. The new beauty collection is inspired by the 12 districts in the movie and book. I personally own one of the lipsticks called “Blast Flipstick,” which comes with two different colors on each end of the lipstick. The new collection offers a variety of colors and all of the colors are incredibly vibrant. You could be the new Effie.

2.Do you want a lot for a little? Then, you should shop at E.L.F. This brand in makeup is unbelievably cheap. You might not think a $3 lipstick is good quality, but I can prove you wrong. There are some products that are amazing quality and they have some fun holiday gift sets as well. I even bought some E.L.F products for my Secret Santa this year. They have a whole holiday lip gloss collection for only $5. I use E.L.F and I can honestly say a lot of their products are amazing, but just be aware that I wouldn’t recommend the products for eyelashes. Besides that, shop away.

3.Just need one or two products? Sometimes, giving a variety of products instead of holiday sets is better. I recommend NYC products if you are headed towards that path. NYC products are great when you need to save money, but they also offer good quality. The NYC bronzer is my favorite, especially for the winter. Any makeup lover would be happy with the NYC bronzer. Also, another idea is buying several NYC nail polishes as a present. There are so many colors to choose from. These are just a few ideas for makeup gifts. There are awesome holiday deals out there for makeup, including some from Sephora and Urban Decay, which are always favorite brands for makeup lovers. Happy holidays and good luck holiday shopping!


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