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Students react to SGA election results for the next school year

By Elisabeth TurnerStaff Writer

Singh and Standrowicz have been re-elected to serve another term for the student body.

Current SGA president Ron Singh and vice president Andrea Standrowicz will remain in their respective positions for the 2013-2014 school year. This announcement was made on Thursday.

Students had the opportunity to cast their votes for the president and vice president, as well as senate body and chief justice, via the Hofstra portal throughout the day on Wednesday and Thursday.

Results showed that there were a total of 732 votes cast. About 36 senators were elected, along with the president, vice president and justice.

Some students however, said they were not particularly excited about voting. Bari Morchower, senior, said she voted for some of the senators, but she was not aware of the changes that the current president and vice president have made, and thus, did not vote for them.

“… Realizing that I shouldn’t vote for people I don’t know much about is a much better way to go about voting,” Morchower said.

LJ Salvo, a sophomore business major, said he only cast his vote because he had been pestered while walking by the voting booth in the Student Center Atrium.

“They kind of pressured me,” Salvo said.

Salvo thinks that the senators are privileged to a title and do not make significant changes to the policies that the university runs by.

“I think [SGA is] an arbitrary form… senators don’t have power or influence,” Salvo said.

But, not all are displeased. Adam Sackowitz, a junior American studies major, said he was happy with the voting results and that it was a good thing many students had voted, including himself.

He hopes that the senate, under the leadership of Standrowicz and Singh, will tackle issues like the new university policy that will require all students to buy meal plans. Most students have voiced dissent over this new policy, and Sackowitz said he hopes the senate will work to prevent it from implementation.

“I feel that students should choose [whether or not to buy a meal plan] themselves,” Sackowitz said. “So I hope the student government will spearhead an effort to stop this policy.”

Regarding students’ perceptions that elections were not advertised well enough, and SGA does not have the ability to make positive changes in university policies, Singh said:

“The only way that is going to change is if [the senate] has consistency in terms of presence…  that’s our next challenge, and that’s what we’re looking to do next year.”

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