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Student Appreciation Week postponed to March

By Maggie Urban-WaalaStaff Writer

Student Appreciation Week, formerly planned to be from Feb. 25 to Feb. 28, has been rescheduled for March 11 until March 14 in order to avoid being overshadowed by P.R.I.D.E week.

Although it was originally thought that the coinciding events would compliment each other, it was decided by Student Government Association (SGA) that the project would be a much stronger program if put on later in order to give the student body the week of appreciation that it deserves.

The project is a weeklong series of events and programs that will take place mostly during regular class times complete with free food, entertainment and complimentary gift items. SGA, with the coordinating efforts of multiple offices on campus, designed this week to thank the student body for their contributions to campus.

In order to access these benefits offered during Student Appreciation Week, an undergraduate student must show up to one of the scheduled events and participate in a poll being taken by SGA members which will allow the organization to work more efficiently on behalf of the student body.

This polling is alternate motive for SGA, allowing it to use the event to its advantage, collecting significant polling data on student interest in certain campus issues. By doing so, SGA hopes that it may better address its respective concerns including, but not limited to, dining options, campus shuttle services and campus programming.

Hofstra sophomore Tatiana Burak was excited about the event.

“I think this is a positive thing because they’re giving back to us for all of the hard work we put in at this university," said Burak, "and in return we’re helping them help us.”

SGA President Harjyot Singh believes that there is no better way to show appreciation than finding out information about issues that matter to students.

“Student Appreciation Week is both an immediate and a long-term gesture of appreciation from the Student Government Association,” said Singh.

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