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Stop and smell the tulips

By: Jana Kaplan

Assistant features editor

Hofstra is known for many things: our location, our law school and our crime rate, but how many students have stopped and smelled the roses, or maybe the tulips in particular? Landscape designer and assistant curator Patrice Dimino has. In fact, she not only assists Director of Hofstra’s Arboretum Fred Soviero with the arboretum, but she also helps keep tradition alive by designing a beautiful array of tulips every year for all of campus to admire.

Why decide to plant tulips on campus? 

The decision to plant tulips on Hofstra University’s campus originated from the Dutch heritage of the Hofstra family. It developed into an annual display of natural beauty that coincides with the annual Dutch Festival held every May.

Who exactly plants them and how can they be maintained? 

The design of the tulip layout and the planting is all done in-house by Hofstra’s Grounds Department. The bulbs are planted in the fall during October and November and need little, if no maintenance after watering them in.


We have approximately 75,000+ tulips blooming around the campus in addition to

250,000+ daffodils and miscellaneous smaller varieties of bulbs that come back every year such as scilla, anemones, muscari, etc….

As you can see, Hofstra takes its flowers very seriously. “Over the past 25 years… the fine [has been] $100 for picking flowers on campus,” said Soviero. So don’t think about picking one to bring to your girlfriend, fellas. While walking around campus, we usually just glance at the flowers and go on our way, but maybe next time you notice the tulips, you’ll take the time to admire their beauty and the work that goes into planting and maintaining them. Keep up the good work, Hofstra!

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