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Staying warm this winter with fashion’s greatest finds

By Danielle Denenberg Staff Writer

December is here, and soon the cold weather will be too. It is time to whip out the winter clothes, or hit the stores to shop for new clothes appropriate for the cold weather, and layer up.

We all have those moments when we are getting ready to go outside on a 20-degree-and-below-weather day, and feel that in our layers of snow pants, ski jackets, earmuffs, etc., we are certainly staying warm, but we may not be completely pleased by our fashion statements. But this winter, have no fear – there are plenty of different articles of clothing out there that are suitable for staying  warm and in fashion at the same time.

Faux-fur and/or fingerless mittens/gloves:

As an article on Macy’s website reads, “Keep your hands cozy and warm.” Stores such as Macy’s and La Pink are carrying faux-fur gloves in all different styles that suit the tastes of men, women, and children alike. In Macy’s, specifically, styles include animal print, assorted kinds of solid colors and designs such as snowflakes or owls. The mittens and gloves may be knit or lined or with faux-fur or fleece to keep your hands extra toasty. Some of these stylish mittens and gloves have fingers that can be removed or pulled down, which are helpful so that you can free your fingers for driving, texting or any other hands-on activity, but keep your hands warm at the same time.

Fleece-lined tights:

This article of clothing, advertised by Glamour fashion magazine, is perfect for those moments in the winter when you want to dress fancy for a party, dance or even for fun, but it is just too cold to wear a dress or a skirt. Wear these tights underneath the dress or skirt. They look just like regular stockings, but have non-visible fleece lining. This way, the appearance will not distract people from the rest of your outfit, but keep you will be significantly warmer than in regular stockings. Head to Target or Urban Outfitters for this wonderful article of clothing, and you are all set for your next winter party.

Infinity scarves:

You can keep your neck and ears warm outside and have something stylish to wear inside at the same time. The scarves are made from all different materials – knit, faux-fur, cashmere – and come in all different colors and patterns. You can pick one to go with any components of your wardrobe at home.

Wear the clothes you wear all year round, but modify:

Sophomore Maris Wasser suggests that for those who to like to wear jeans, wear leggings underneath them to keep your legs warmer. If you want to wear your favorite t-shirt or tank top, grab a nice valor or cotton long sleeve shirt and stick it on underneath. You can even wear a pair of shorts over leggings or fleece-lined tights. Maybe you don’t have to pack away your summer clothes after all.

Happy winter, Hofstra!

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