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Staying warm on Halloween

By Isabela Jacobsen

Staff Writer

It seems like the weather went from breezy to freezing overnight. Is anyone else worried they might freeze to death in their Halloween costume this year? Last year was not so cold out, but it seems like it’s been quite chilly lately. It’s impossible to stay warm in those cute and tiny store-bought costumes, so I’ve thought of three warm Halloween costumes inspired by some popular women.

We’ve had our in-between-season days, but it’s officially time to load up on the coats and scarves. To celebrate the new Halloween episode of Pretty Little Liars, my first costume is the character “Red Coat.” For all you non-PLL fans, before the Halloween episode, we don’t know much about this character except her blonde locks and reoccurring signature red coat. I have an old red coat from Forever 21 that has been waiting to make an appearance this fall. It’s perfect for the character, plus it’s so warm. Pair this up with some leggings and boots, wave your hair and trace the crease of your eyes with red eye shadow. Smudge the red eye shadow to your bottom lashes – this will really stand out with black eyeliner. Add some lip gloss, start acting shady at a party and you’re officially “Red Coat.”

Next up is the one and only Katniss Everdeen, definitely a good costume for a cold night – this girl has to stay warm if she wants to survive the Hunger Games! Also, she’s super easy to dress up as and you’ll need very little makeup. Leggings, brown boots and some kind of dark jacket will do the trick. Don’t forget her signature braid! For makeup, go for the neutral colors, nude lipstick and mascara with no eyeliner. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Lastly is the elegant Kate Middleton. Who doesn’t want to be a princess for Halloween? Her outfits are very fashionable and sophisticated, which is perfect for cold weather – A cute peacoat will do the trick or even a pretty dress with a blazer and tights. Straighten your hair and curve your ends inwards with a straightener for that royalty look. You can wear dark eye shadow, but keep it very minimal. Top it off with rosy cheeks and light pink lipstick. Maybe you’ll find your own Prince William at the party!

All these looks are not only warm and comfy, but also very easy to do. So, if you don’t know what to be for Halloween, you can be one of these awesome ladies – and you won’t catch a cold, either!

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