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Singh and Standrowicz reach out to student body for suggestions

By Jesse BadeStaff Writer

Last week’s Student Government Senate meeting was centered on President Ron Singh and Vice President Andrea Standrowicz’s plans for this week’s “SGA at the Corner”. Many of you may have been approached by and SGA member about certain aspects of Hofstra that you wish were different, this is all part of their plan to become more reflective of the desires of the student body.

The portfolio they presented at the meeting stated that the objective of “SGA at the Corner” was to: “Advocate for students through efficient dialogue and guided discussion, which will ultimately generate ideas and initiatives for the undertaking of the Student Government Association.”

Standrowicz emphasized that they were seeking more visibility and to combat falsities about SGA and the university through direct contact with the students.

“SGA at the Corner” however, is not a scientific poll. That is scheduled for the end of February. Instead, this initiative was to aid SGA with coming up with questions for the poll and to set up a connection with students who want to get involved in the legislation process.

Senators were instructed to hand out email addresses and offer the students the ability to get involved as much as they wanted.

“So, when you are at the point of exchanging emails definitely say: ‘would you like to be involved in the process?’” said Standrowicz. “If they say no then say…’well if you don’t want to be involved in coming to meetings and things like that then say well are you interested in giving me your email and me giving you my own and sending you updates?’”

Singh and Standrowicz planned a training session before the event that would allow senators who felt uncomfortable or wanted to be more well versed how to react to students questions. Although the training session and “SGA at the Corner” were not mandatory they were strongly advised.

“This is your job and it’s more than just being in an office and hanging out. I think it is time for us to prove that,” said Singh.

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