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SGA votes new clubs, members, logo

SGA New Logo By Elisabeth Turner (Staff Writer)

SGA approved three new items in their last meeting: the Bowling Club and three members to the elections committee.

Nadir Khan, a newly sworn SGA Elections Committee member, said he was glad that the club had secured approval.

“I think the Bowling Club is a good addition … because it [will give] students the opportunity to interact with other bowlers in a non-competitive atmosphere,” he said.

He also speculated that that there were probably different “levels of expertise” within the club, and that this would be helpful to students who want to develop and become better bowlers.

Although a number of senators said during debate that they thought the Bowling Club should not have been formally recognized by SGA; representatives had cited gas prices as a partial reason for their desire to become recognized. The club passed with a vote of 10-7.

Students expressed indifference toward the addition of the Bowling Club. “I personally don’t care for it,” said freshman Alejandra Salardi. “Shouldn’t there be more important things for SGA to vote on?”

Khan, Ortal Weinberg and Cait Stolzenberg were also sworn in as SGA Elections Committee members, a committee that “raises awareness” of the yearly student government elections.

Senators also approved a new logo to be used on the SGA constitution and in university official correspondence. During their meeting, they openly discussed which – out of seven options – they preferred. Senators narrowed their decision down to two. All of the options resembled one another – two lions decorated the left and right spheres of a circle that contained a torch in the middle. “The torch symbolizes the students at Hofstra and the shield is SGA’s need to protect them,” Andrea Standrowicz, SGA Vice President, said at the meeting.

The logo chosen includes a torch on a shield in front of a checkered background with two lions and lighter-toned outer ring that reads “Hofstra University” on the upper half and “Student Government Association” on the lower half.

Senators seemed generally satisfied with their decision. But other Hofstra students not involved in SGA expressed relative contentment as well.

“It sort of looks like [the torch is] getting blown out,” Madelyn Miller, freshman Drama major, said. “Otherwise, I like the checkers.”

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