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SGA recaps Student Appreciate Week and approves new club

By Elisabeth Turner (Staff Writer) SGA approved the Guitar Club and discussed their new Club Tournament Portfolio last week. This portfolio covered events that SGA will be hosting for clubs in the coming weeks including a volleyball match, scavenger hunt and tug of war. Clubs will be able to earn some points for attending these events, but will receive more points for winning an event. The points will be totaled in the end and prizes will be awarded accordingly. Clubs will be able to sign up for the tournament on an online forum in the coming weeks.

President Ron Singh also re-capped Student Appreciation Week. The experience illuminated a new facet of student government for him – the importance of maintaining humility. "...we have our highs and our lows," he said. "This is our high, but one thing I've learned [from this] is to stay in the middle …"

Sophomore political science major Grace Glennan particularly enjoyed taking the poll and getting the high five. “It lightened your mood coming back from class,” she said.

Senior religion and philosophy major Rebecca Gianarkis appreciated the event she attended on Thursday night. She said that although she doesn’t usually go to events, she came out to the SGA sponsored one on Thursday night, which included a performance by Mark Elliot.

Yet other students thought that – although the appreciation week was good-intentioned – it wasn’t adequately announced ahead of time or that it didn’t target students’ needs effectively enough.

“I would appreciate it if appreciation week was more publicly announced," first-year graduate student Rashad Tar said.

Junior physics major Mike Giocamazza agreed with Tar, as did junior creative writing major Taylor Mayfield.

“I think they did a really good job of getting our opinion, but they didn’t say how they could fix [the issues],” sophomore Radio, television, video, film major Melissa Pagnotta said.

Despite Mayfield’s thoughts that it could have been a little “sexier next time,” he expressed gratitude for Appreciation Week as a whole. You have to “cater to a class of people that aren’t that involved,” he said.

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