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Seventeen Magazine Makeup Advice

By: Isabela Jacobsen

Staff Writer

I’m crossing my fingers in hope that one of my professors will ask me the notorious kindergarten question: “Did anyone do anything fun over the weekend?”

Yes! Yes! I did. This weekend I attended the Seventeen Magazine Internships 101 workshop. Yes, it’s one hundred percent as cool as it sounds. Guest speakers included Ann Shoket, editor-in-chief , CEO and founder of Intern Queen Lauren Berger, Keds Executives, College Fashionista, Cargo Cosmetics and many more. The workshop included resume tips and tricks, inspiring motivational speeches and even great fashion and makeup advice when it comes to landing that internship.

Jason Hoffman, global director of artistry and education of Cargo Cosmetics, gave us his tips to achieving the internship of our dreams. Sometimes we confuse the real use of makeup. I know I like to make myself look older by wearing makeup, since I look  about 12 years old with no eye makeup on. According to Hoffman though, less is more when it comes to looking professional. He believes the simpler, the better. He stated first impressions are everything, especially during a first interview.

A clean face is his first suggestion. He gave advice on really getting to know your own skin in order to pick out colors that compliment you best. Adding blush to the apple of your cheeks and a little bit of bronzer can create a quick healthy glow!

Don’t go for the eyes. Instead Hoffman suggested a pop of color on the lips. I totally agree with this. I’ve been using this method when I don’t want to play up my eyes. By playing up the lips with a fun color, you look put-together but not over the top. Just be careful with any sticky lip-glosses, as you don’t want any distractions during the interview!

Vampy eyes are a no-no. Hoffman said to save the smoky eyes for a night out. Try going a little cleaner on the eyes instead by adding a little eyeliner, neutral colors and a good coat of mascara. During the workshop we were able to see beautiful models, some even wore Hoffman’s makeup suggestions. One model wore no eyeliner and barely any eye shadow opting for a thick coat of mascara in their place. She still looked gorgeous, yet chic for her internship.

Along with the makeup all the models were wearing the most beautiful outfits from Macy’s. As soon as it was over, I severely needed a shopping trip.

There are going to be a lot of candidates when internship hunting, but to stand out you can impress with these new makeup tips. So go and get that internship of your dreams. I know I will!


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